Community Workshops & Events

Madison Art Therapy is working to increase the footprint and availability of Art Therapy and therapeutic art offerings in the Madison area.  Please see our other Art Therapy group offerings on our services page. Below are a few of the workshops that we offer both privately and within the community throughout the year.  Call us for more details or to help design your own workshop experience!

Relax, Receive, Respond

A combination of progressive deep muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and responsive art making led by Art Therapists.  The perfect way to relax,  tune in, and connect to your body and mind.

Paint Your Pain


Inspired by Mexican artist and activist, Frida Kahlo and the way she utilized her art as her own therapy.  A way to process her physical and mental pain.   Learn what your "pain" is and how to access it and express it with paint. 

Private Groups

All of our offerings are available for private groups.  We also offer our own version of "PAINT NIGHT" but a bit more soulful.  If you are looking to connect with friends and family in your life but would prefer to do it in a more meaningful way this might be a great option.