Kelly Toltzien  MS, WATR, LPC-IT

Georgia O'Keefe once said of her art, "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way; things I had no words for."  Sometimes words alone are not enough to explore and communicate what ails us.  And where words fail, art and Art Therapy can help us speak while allowing us to truly listen.



I am an Art Therapist/Professional Counselor specializing in Medical Art Therapy and Wellness Counseling; treating concerns such as: behavioral problems, adjustment disorders, anxiety, depression, acute and chronic stress, pain management, self-exploration, and other issues that may arise around illness and health concerns.


Through my past experiences as an Art Therapist in a school community setting as well as at a large children’s hospital I developed a great passion for helping guide children, teens, and women on their journey towards mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.


I practice from an Integrative approach in my work with clients; utilizing both verbal and non-verbal communication techniques as well as my client’s strengths to customize treatment to each unique person.


I believe Art Therapy encourages people to express inner thoughts, feelings, and perceptions both consciously and unconsciously. With guidance from the Art Therapist, an understanding of these thoughts and emotions begins to form through artistic expression and the creative process. These processes can help us to remove filters and barriers to access areas of ourselves that we often ignore; allowing us to question, seek answers, and find growth within ourselves.


Through my work I strive to improve, enhance, and maintain the well-being of my clients through creative self-expression, mindfulness, supportive counseling, as well as other therapeutic engagement.


I thoroughly believe in the power of art and the creative process as well as a successful therapeutic relationship to foster self-awareness, personal growth, and healing.


For more information or for a free phone consultation please call me at 608-520-0846.  You may also visit my Psychology Today profile for more info on areas of specialty.