Mary Williams  MS, LPC, WATR

I see Art Therapy as a way to access the unconscious, challenge old beliefs, express emotions, establish balance and wellness, discover identity, assist in transformation, and find healing.  It is my hope that I can encourage clients to tap in to their innate creativity and use it as a tool in their personal journey.  Art provides a tangible way of addressing and working through abstract ideas as well as giving hands on practice in strengthening coping skills.

I am passionate about helping people through the creative arts and traditional psychotherapy, to empower them on their journey of healing and wellness.  As a mental health professional, I am able to utilize my strong clinical background as well as my creativity to meet you where you are at with respect and compassion.


I have experience with and truly enjoy working with people of unique backgrounds, cultures, and identities. I am a sex positive therapist and have worked a lot with individuals and families in the LGBTQ+ community. Other areas of interest are: Anxiety, ADHD, Diversity, Sexuality, Trauma, Wellness, as well as providing therapy to other therapists and healthcare workers.


My commitment to my clients is to create tailored sessions to each person's specific needs.  I am mindful about creating a safe space, free of judgment, where you can find healthy ways to express yourself and your emotions.  You can expect us to work collaboratively to set and achieve goals.  I am committed to supporting you through difficult times and empowering you to make meaningful changes in your life.


For more information or for a free phone consultation please call me at 608-305-4325.