Where is Art Therapy used?

As with many other mental health disciplines, Art Therapy is and can be used in many different settings.  





 The following are a few examples of where you might find Art Therapy programming:


-Inpatient psychiatric clinics                                                     -Art Studios

-Outpatient clinics                                                                      -Senior Living Communities-

-Hospitals (child and adult)                                                       -Nursing Homes

-Day treatment mental health programming                        -Private Practice settings

-Community Centers                                                                  -Schools

-Non-profit community organizations                                     -Jails & Prisons


Art therapy can be found in both clinical and non-clinical settings.  For example, art studios may offer workshops that focus on developing creativity whereas inpatient treatment could be serving populations individually and in group environments for those struggling with substance abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc.  From this you can see the range that Art Therapy services can take.  It is a very versatile therapy in that it can be tailored to each individuals needs easily.